Born in 1927. In 1945 he gradua- ted  from  the High School and  in 1946  he passed the introductory examination for  both, the Depart- ment  for Civil Engineering of  the National  Technical  University  of Athens   and   the   Mathematical Department of  Athens University. After  two years, he was called  to serve in  the  Greek army  and so he interrupted his studies. He re- mained in the army for about two and a  half  years as  Lieutenant of  the Corp of  Engineers, specialized in the mine war and cleaning of  minefields. In 1950  he came back  to  the University  and in 1953  he got his  diploma  and MS  degrees  in Civil  Engineering. In the same year he joined the Materials Laboratory of the Public Works  Ministry. He remained  there, as  a Research  Engi- neer, for about 14 years. In 1967, after  the military  coup d' etat, he resigned  as a protest against the dictatorship set- tled. In 1970 he founded  the first  private Greek Laboratory for  Concrete  and  Concrete  materials  in  the  country. He wrote  two  books on  Concrete  and  27  research  papers, published in Greek and foreign science magazines.
In 1956  his short  story, the  Service  was  published in the New  March, a  literature  magazine  in Salonica-Greece. In 1959  he  published  the book  Short Simultaneous Stories and in 1962 the book Odos. In 1964 a short story, from that

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